The Joseph Interfaith Foundation
in association with
Islamic Cultural Centre, Regents Park Mosque

Young, British and Believer

A half-day seminar for Muslim and Jewish youth

As part of its programmes for the national Inter Faith Week, The Foundation organised a half day seminar in association with Regents Park mosque for Muslim and Jewish students.

The speakers talked about living peacefully with people of other faiths today and how to empower young people who are committed believers and committed citizens of this country who want to contribute to its peaceful future.

Lord Ahmed and Dayan Binstock Lord Ahmed and Dayan Binstock
Lord Ahmed (Foundation’s Trustee) giving the opening remarks Lord Ahmed (Foundation’s Trustee) giving the opening remarks

Lord Ahmed said: "Bringing people of faiths together is very important. As equal citizens in this country, we need to work together.

We can have differences. There are particular differences between us. But from the time of the Caliph Omar, Muslim and Jewish communities have worked together.

The Muslim and Jewish communities are under attack from the far right. Those who were responsible for the murder of 6 million and more Jews in Europe are the same people who are back now creating hatred against a different faith minority.

If they attack the Muslim community today, tomorrow it will be other faith minorities."

Dayan Binstock speaking Dayan Binstock speaking

Dayan Binstock said: "Jews and Muslims have a great deal in common. In the Jewish sources it is said: ‘If you save a life it is as if you have saved a whole world’.

Talking with each other saves lives.

Differences will be better resolved if we understand our similarities.

We can share ideals which can help us develop and become members of a better society."

Khola Hasan speaking Khola Hasan speaking

Khola Hasan said: "We enrich our own understanding of our faith when we interact with people of other faiths, particularly the Abrahamic faiths.

We are actually doing justice to our own faith when we engage with people of other faiths.

We may not agree on all the issues of Israel-Palestine, but we have to talk about it."

The students discussed what the obstacles in Jewish-Muslim relations are today and how to move towards resolving them.

studentQ&A One of the students engaging with the speakers in the Q&A session
student discussion Students during the workshop discussion
participation Some of the students and speakers gather together in the main prayer area

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