The Joseph Interfaith Foundation in association with Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Manchester: Research Seminar

Jewish-Muslim Interfaith Dialogue: Comparative Current UK and US Views

"Britain prides itself on having the best interfaith relations in Europe. As someone who has been professionally involved in Muslim-Jewish dialogue for over two decades, I have seen how this relationship has developed in England. In 2009, I was the Fulbright Scholar in Interfaith and Community Project, representing Britain. During my scholarship period in the US, my Fulbright project was a short survey of Jewish-Muslim dialogue in the US.

My talk will concentrate on my meetings and discussions with the religious leaders, academics, students and grass roots members of both faiths in the US. How do they perceive, understand and approach this interfaith relation? How does their approach compares with the outlook and approach in Britain? What lessons, if any, can we learn from it?"