Students Seminar at St Andrews University

The Foundation held a very successful seminar in partnership with Isoc and Jsoc at St Andrews University. This was the first time that JIF had set up a project at St Andrews University. The speakers were both officers of their respective societies.

The topic of the seminar was: Freedom of Expression and Social Media: Rights, Remits and Responsibilities

The seminar was well attended by students from both societies. The speakers questioned whether there should be total freedom of expression on social media. During a lively Q&A session the participants discussed if there must be boundaries on freedom of expression on social media should they be set by individuals or hosting sights or the government? Who decides how strict and limiting the boundaries should be? The greater majority of the students thought that there should be complete freedom of expression.

JIF was invited to co-operate in future joint projects with Isoc and Jsoc. The cooperation is ongoing.