Students Seminar at London School of Economics (LSE)

As part of its Students Seminars for 2015, the Foundation held a successful student-lead seminar in partnership with the Islamic Society at LSE. A Muslim, a Jewish and a Christian student spoke at the seminar. It was chaired by Rev Dr James Walters, the LSE Chaplain.

The topic of the seminar was: “Freedom of Expression and Social Media: Rights, Remits and Responsibilities”.

The speakers examined the topic from philosophical, socio-political and socio-psychological perspectives. They discussed to what extent does social media entrenches an individual’s misinformed perspective? Is accepting the simplistic and un-nuanced approach of the social media causing young people to dispense with their critical faculty? To what extend is social media itself prejudiced in what it considers permissible or not? These points were further discussed during the Q&A session.

It was agreed that further seminars should be arranged.

Cooperation between JIF and LSE Isoc has been ongoing for several years and is continuing.

studentSeminarLSE001 Hannah Brady Speaking
studentSeminarLSE002 Tasif Zaman Speaking
studentSeminarLSE003 Theresa Whitney Speaking