Similarities between Judaism and Islam

Following its highly successful project “Confronting Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia”, the Joseph Interfaith Foundation delivered a second project this term at secondary school at London East Academy. This is the second year that the foundation has been cooperating with the school on Jewish-Muslim interfaith projects.

The Academy is a full-time primary and secondary school for boys. It aspires to nurture its students to become future imams and leaders for the Muslim community with the desire to make positive contributions to British society.

The event began by a student reciting the Qur’anic passage when God speaks to Moses to go to Pharaoh and deliver God’s message to free the Children of Israel.

Then Mehri Niknam gave a talk on “Similarities between Judaism and Islam” to the assembly of senior school. She highlighted the significance of the Unity and incorporeity of God; the universal aspects of the Ten Commandments; the importance of Shabbat, circumcision and Kosher. The students asked many questions about Judaism and Jewish way of life.

Mr Badr the form teacher said: “I can confidently say our boys learnt a lot from your presentation of Similarities between Judaism and Islam. They were intrigued by the amount of similarities you spoke about of the two great faiths. “

Mehri Niknam said: “The talk was particularly interesting for the students because instead of just speaking about Judaism I gave exact references to the Qur’an and Islamic tradition where the same themes are expounded”.

The cooperation between the school and the Foundation is ongoing.

similaritiesbetweenJudaismandIslam001 Mehri Niknam speaking at the assembly
similaritiesbetweenJudaismandIslam002 Mehri Niknam and the form teachers