Seminar at University of York

As part of its university seminars, the Foundation in association with the Islamic Society, University of York, held a book launch on Wednesday 13th of February at York university. The book, “Confronting Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia: An exploration of their socio-historic and theological roots & similarities” was published by the Foundation. The aim was to raise awareness on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

A large number of students attended the seminar. Speakers were Professor Mohamed El-Gomati OBE from the Electronic Department, who spoke about Islamophobia and its current manifestations, and Dr Sarah Rees-Jones BA (Oxon) DPhil from the History Department, who spoke about the demise of the Jewish community of York in 1190. The Q & A was chaired by Samya Ayaz President of Isoc at York.

All student participants at the seminar received a free copy of the book.

The cooperation between the Foundation and York Isoc is on-going and the Foundation will be involved in organising future seminars.

seminarYork001 Speakers + Isoc President & Mehri Niknam
seminarYork003 Professor El-Gomati speaking
seminarYork002 Dr Rees-Jones speaking