Students’ Seminar at Imperial College

Joseph Interfaith Foundation held a major seminar at Imperial College in association with Islamic Society, Jewish Society and Catholic Society. Each society as represented by a speaker and the topic of the seminar was “Extremism: Its Root causes and How to Address Them” The Q & A session was challenging for participants as well as the speakers. The speakers took great care to speak the truth without being prejudiced or inflammatory, which is not an easy thing to achieve in such discussions. There was a genuine positive outlook towards Jewish-Muslim relations on the campus without being tawdry or superficial. The discussions continued well beyond the finishing time of the seminar.

The seminar was reported in the university magazine. The part of the text and opinion of the speakers can be seen online,

In a questionnaire by JIF, 98% of the students stated that the seminar had challenged their perception of the topic and would like to attend future seminars organised by JIF in association with the student societies. This seminar was the continuation of JIF Annual Student Seminars at universities.

JIF partnership with Isoc at Imperial College and cooperation with other student societies are ongoing.

seminarImperial2-001 Question & Answer Session