Seminar at Imperial College London

Religious Freedom in Britain Today: The Boundaries Between Freedom of Conscience in Religion and Secularism

As part of its annual university seminars, the Foundation in association with Islamic Society Imperial College London, held a seminar on Tuesday 19th February at Imperial College.

Speakers spoke from Catholic, Muslim and Secularist/atheist perspectives. The session was chaired by the president of Isoc. There was a long and lively Q & A sessions when principles of religious freedom, same sex marriage and single faith schools were discussed.

Over 90% of participants agreed that the topic was relevant to them and would like to participate in similar future seminars organised by the Foundation. The cooperation between the Foundation and Isoc at Imperial college is on-going.

The speakers and all student participants received a copy of the book “Confronting anti-Semitism and Islamophobia” published by the Foundation.

seminarImperial001 Speakers and the Chair holding the book “Confronting anti-Semitism and Islamophobia” published the Foundation.
seminarImperial002 Muslim speaker and audience
seminarImperial003 Christian speaker
seminarImperial004 Secularist speaker