DCLG Network for Muslims and Jewish Network Joint Event
In collaboration with the Joseph Interfaith Foundation
14 March 2013, Eland House

Religious Courts in Britain Today

Seminar at DCLG

At a packed meeting, Rt Hon Don Foster MP, Integration Minister, welcomed the speakers and spoke about the significance and the role of interfaith.

The speakers were Dayan Binstock, judge of London Bet Din, senior rabbi of Orthodox St John's Wood Synagogue, and Mufti Barkatullah, Judge of Layton Shari'a Court, London, both of whom are members of the Joseph Interfaith Foundation's Council of Imams and Rabbis.

Among the topics discussed were religious courts and their significance for their respective religious community; their regulatory, advisory and judicial roles; the role of women.

There followed a period of Q & A. The participantsí feedback has been positive and cooperation for future events is on-going.

seminarDCLG001 From left: Dayan Binstock, the Minister, Mufti Barkatullah