Remembering the Past; Responding to the Future

A group visit to Srebrenica

For the first time a group of Muslim and Jewish university students visit Srebrenica together. This is a new initiative of the Foundation as part of its ongoing co-operation with Remembering Srebrenica Commission.

The aim is to learn the history of Srebrenica genocide in 1995 and the causes which led to it. The objective is for the young people to understand how prejudice, misinformation and hatred of the “other” leads to such tragic events and how to work towards preventing it happening again to any people. The group also learns about the Holocaust and its history.

The group visited Srebrenica, Potocari memorial cemetery, the Museum for Srebrenica and centres for DNA identification of the victims of the massacre. They also visited the oldest mosque and synagogue in Sarajevo. At the synagogue they saw the permanent exhibition about the Holocaust as well as “The Book of Remembrance” which contains all the names of the Jewish people of Bosnia who were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

The Foundation will be organising further such visits.

The visit is organised by Joseph Interfaith Foundation and supported by Srebrenica Commission.

rememberingThePast001 Graves at Potocari
rememberingThePast002 Group at Museum
rememberingThePast003 Group with mothers of Srebrenica
rememberingThePast004 Mehri Niknam with the Book of Remeberance
rememberingThePast005 Mosque
rememberingThePast006 Synagogue