Religious Hatred: Srebrenica and the Holocaust

During the Holocaust Memorial Week, the Foundation held a seminar similar to its ongoing project on Srebrenica and the Holocaust at Ebrahim Academy, East London. “The aim of the Academy is to ensure that every student develops his Islamic character and becomes a positive role model in society.”

Over 90 14-16 year old students attended the seminar. Rabbi David Lister, rabbi of Edgware United Synagogue spoke abot similarites between Judaism and Islam. The talk was followed by Q & A session.

Mehri Niknam engaged the students on similarities between anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and their manifestations in the genocide at Srebrenica and the Holocaust. It was followed by an in depth Q & A by the students and some of the teachers.

The Academy has invited the foundation to hold a further discussion session with the students and the faculty on related topics. The cooperation is ongoing.

The event was reported by the media online.

religiousHatred001 Mehri Niknam Speaking to Students
religiousHatred002 Mehri Niknam Speaking with Teachers
religiousHatred003 Rabbi Lister & the Head Teacher
religiousHatred004 Rabbi Lister Speaking