Religious and Ethical Perspectives on End of Life Care

The KCL Palliative Care Society held an event for Kings College London students during One World Week to explore the theme of palliation across different faiths. The aim was to inform the society members on how death and dying are seen in different religions and how best to care for those from different faiths towards the end of their lives and following their death.

As part of the continued cooperation between JIF and students at KCL, Mehri Niknam (executive director) was invited to be a panellist. She gave an overview answer questions from students from the Jewish perspective.

Her talk highlight any special considerations that need to be made when death occurs and information about what might be important to a palliative care patient from Jewish religion, as well as their family during the dying phase.

Cooperation between JIF and students at KCL is ongoing.

religiousEthicalPrespect001 Mehri Niknam speaking