Religious Courts and the Remit of Their Work

Joseph Interfaith Foundation in association with Home Office Islamic Network and Department of Communities and Local Government Jewish Network organised a talk at the Home Office on Wednesday 28th of January. The speakers were Dayan Binstock, senior rabbi of St Johnís Wood orthodox synagogue, a Judge of the London Bet Din (Jewish religious court); and Mufti Barkatullah, member of the London Shariah Council. Both speakers are members of the National Council of Imams & Rabbis of the Foundation.

Ken Sutton, Director of Diversity at the HO gave the opening remarks. He emphasised the importance of good interfaith relations in promoting a cohesive society. The work of the Foundation was acknowledged as a leading joint Muslim-Jewish organisation in Britain.

The speakers spoke about how and why their respective religious courts were established, what are the remits of their work and what is their contribution to their religious communities and the greater society in England today.

The talk was well attended by members of various departments at the HO and DCLG and were followed a Q&A session.

The Foundation has been invited to cooperate in organising further talks at the HO.

religiousCourts001 Dayan Binstock Speaking
religiousCourts002 Dayan Binstock & Mufti Barkatullah
religiousCourts003 Mufti Barkatullah Speaking
religiousCourts004 from left: Marc Bernstein (DCLG Jewish network), Ken Sutton (Director of Diversity, HO), Addeel Khan (Director of HO Islamic Network), Dayan Binstock, Mufti Barkatullah & Mehri Niknam