Official Launch of the Foundation’s Council of Muslim & Jewish Physicians

The Foundation has developed a ground breaking new forum called the Council of Muslim and Jewish Physicians. It contains respected doctors and healthcare professionals from a wide range of Muslim and Jewish backgrounds and traditions.

The reason for initiating this Council was that there is no official group that meets on a regular basis to discuss challenging and contemporary issues of medical ethics that are of common interest to both communities and to society in general. Therefore we decided to set up this Council to create a sustained, wide-ranging and informative forum for both faith groups.

The launch was attended by senior representatives of the Muslim and Jewish communities. Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, Lords speaker on Communities gave the opening remarks. He said he had known of the work of the foundation since he joined the House of Lords. He said this is one more example of the excellent efforts of the foundation to create positive cooperation between the Jewish and Muslim communities.

The Foundation has also received an official letter of acknowledgement of the significance of the Council from Rt Hon Baroness Warsi, Senior Minister for Faiths and Communities.

During the launch Members of the Council shared their motivations and interest in highlighting the relevance of inter-faith/community work to clinical practice and the opportunities this presents for a much stronger and sensitive healthcare system. Set against the iconic oath uttered by Maimonides, ‘May I never see anything but a human being in pain when I see a patient’, the clinicians acknowledged that some patients of faith may have particular needs that can be better understood and met through open and honest dialogue.

officialLaunchCouncilOfPhysicians002 Official photo of the Council
officialLaunchCouncilOfPhysicians001 Lord Ahmad, Stone and Doctors
officialLaunchCouncilOfPhysicians003 Sir David, Lords Ahmad & Stone
officialLaunchCouncilOfPhysicians004 Judge Drabu, Sir David and Mehri Niknam
officialLaunchCouncilOfPhysicians005 Tasif, Ben and Mehri
officialLaunchCouncilOfPhysicians006 Anneessa (Students Union Muslim representative) and Mehri Niknam
officialLaunchCouncilOfPhysicians007 Dr Lieberman; Ben Kasstan (Union of Jewish Students representative); Tasif Zaman (JIF Coordinator); Mehri Niknam