Mothers of Faiths visit to Al-Khoei School

The Joseph Interfaith Foundationís women group, Mothers of Faiths, arranged a visit to Al-Khoei girls school. This visit, one of the continued projects of the MOF group, was organised for the National Interfaith Week. MOF is a group of Muslim and Jewish mothers who meet on regular basis.

The group visited the Al-Khoei primary and secondary girls schools. They visited a class of 7 year olds and spend time with them while the children were preparing a special interfaith project about people of different faiths and their places of worship.

The group then spent an hour with the 14 year old class for a Q & session on Judaism. Among the questions asked by the students were the code of dressing for women in Judaism, keeping of Shabbat and Kosher food. Afterwards the group visited the Al-Khoei mosque.

The longstanding co-operation between the Joseph Interfaith Foundation and Al-Khoei Foundation is on-going.

mofv001 MOF with children in primary school
mofv002 MOF during Q & A with students at secondary school