“Meet the Imams and Ask Questions” seminar at Liberal Jewish Synagogue

The Joseph Interfaith Foundation’s Council of Imams an Rabbis, the only officially recognised board of senior imams and rabbis of major mosques and synagogues in London, held a seminar for non-orthodox Jewish community at Liberal Jewish synagogue, St John’s Wood. This was part of the on-going projects of the Council of Imams and Rabbis and a further project of the Council for Interfaith Week.

The introduction to Islam was given by the senior imam of Darul Ummah mosque. Then followed a long Q & A session with the panel consisting of the senior imam of masjid Ibrahim Mosque and Executive Director of East London mosque. The seminar was Chaired by Rabbi Alexandra Wright, senior rabbi of the Liberal Jewish synagogue who, as well as all the imams, are members of the Council of Imams and Rabbis.

The seminar participants were very positive about the seminar’s contribution to Jewish-Muslim relations and Council was invited to hold further such seminars for the grass root members of other synagogues. The Foundation is organising future seminars as well a visit by the congregation of the Liberal Jewish synagogue to East London mosque.

meetImamsLiberal001 The panel and Rabbi Alexandra Wright
meetImamsLiberal002 Q&A session chaired by Rabbi Alexandra Wright