Lessons of Srebrenica

Following the official visit to Srebrenica in December 2013 by Mehri Niknam as the official guest of Remembering Srebrenica Committee, she pledged on behalf of JIF to bring the Bosnian Genocide to the attention of 1000 school children.

Therefore, leading up to Holocaust Memorial Day 2014, Tasif Zaman (JIF project coordinator) delivered several assemblies as part of Joseph Interfaith Foundation’s pledge on Lessons of Srebrenica to each year group at Bethnal Green Academy.

Bethnal Green Academy is a co-educational comprehensive in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets with just over 1000 pupils on roll.

The title of the assemblies was: "Auschwitz and Srebrenica: Lessons in our common humanity" and provided the students with a brief introduction to the Holocaust and proceeded to inform them of the Genocide in Srebrenica. Similarities between the Holocaust and the Bosnian Genocide were highlighted to the students as well as some reflections on the practical lessons one could draw from these atrocities. The students were encouraged to mark their own “Remembering Srebrenica” assembly near the national date in July.

The assemblies were well received from students and staff and Tasif was encouraged to follow up with more activities to raise awareness about these atrocities at the Academy

lessonsSrebnenica001 Tasif Zaman speaking at assembly