Lecture at the Muslim College

For the second year running Mehri Niknam was invited to give a lecture on “Introduction to Judaism” to the students at ‘World Religions and Western Philosophy’ at the Muslim College. The course examines the historical evolution, the fundamental doctrines and beliefs, the practices, institutions and cultural expressions of these religious traditions. The course also deals with some of the essential differences and similarities which exist among each religious tradition, and points to the uniqueness of each of them.

The Foundation has been cooperating with the Muslim College for over a decade. The Muslim College has been noted since its establishment, over 30 years ago, for inculcating a progressive theology and for teaching the students about other faith communities from a practitioner belonging to that community. This is a mission the College would like to continue for the future. The new Principal, Dr Benotman, would also like to revive the interfaith work of the college.

The College ‘World Religions and Western Philosophy’ course, taught by Dr Faissal Hameed, senior lecturer and academic coordinator is part of this vision. Dr Hameed says: “We felt that for one to understand another faith it must be taught to them by a pious adherent of that faith so that we can gain respect and tolerance for other viewpoints on matters ‘religious’. Our students will benefit from being taught by Priests, Rabbis, Pundits and Gurus and will also have the opportunity to visit their places of worship”. Dr Hameed is also a member of Academic Advisory Board of the Foundation.

The cooperation between the two organisations is ongoing.