Jewish primary school hosts Imam in ground-breaking interfaith project

In a ground-breaking interfaith project, a major Jewish primary school hosted an Imam to speak to the students. This project was organized by the Foundation as part of its ongoing project “Confronting Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia”.

The Foundation has been running this project at Muslim schools for the last two years and is now expanding it to Jewish primary and secondary schools.

Imam Abdullah Hasan addressed students at Rosh Pinah primary, speaking at the school assembly before engaging with fifth and sixth year classes. He was introduced by Rabbi David Lister, who along with Imam Hasan sits on the National Council of Imams and Rabbis of the foundation. The imam addressed the assembly speaking about charity, prayer, halal food and fasting in Islam.

After assembly, the imam visited the fifth and sixth year classes to answer questions put to him by enthusiastic students.

Imam Hasan said: “I am very pleased to have participated in this project. Such interfaith interactions by the foundation provide opportunities for mutual respect and genuine cooperation between the Muslim and Jewish communities.”

Rabbi Jonathan Spector, Deputy Head of Rosh Pinah said: “It was an excellent morning that the children found fascinating and learnt a tremendous amount. It was pitched at just the right level and the Imam did a brilliant job explaining difficult things in a child friendly way.”

Mehri Niknam, Executive Director of the foundation said: “The foundation commends Rosh Pinah for showing leadership in promoting greater community cohesion by becoming the first primary school to participate in this project.” The cooperation with school is ongoing.

The cooperation with school is ongoing.

The project was reported by the Jewish News online.

Link to the Jewish News online article about the event.

JewishprimaryschoolhostsImamingroundbreakinginterfaithproject001 Imam Hasan and Rabbi Lister at the assembly
JewishprimaryschoolhostsImamingroundbreakinginterfaithproject002 Imam speaking in the classroom
JewishprimaryschoolhostsImamingroundbreakinginterfaithproject003 Imam speaking in the classroom - 2
JewishprimaryschoolhostsImamingroundbreakinginterfaithproject004 Imam with the Rabbis and Mehri Niknam