Interfaith Week 2011

Hate Speech: the Border Between Rational Discussion and Irrational Hatred

This seminar, jointly organised by the Islamic Society at Royal Holloway University of London and the Foundation, is part of the on-going Foundation’s projects with university students. The students were invited to question the following:

“Freedom of speech is a necessity of university education. We don't promote hateful speech, but positive criticism and rational differences of opinion -political, religious or academic -are not hate speech.”

Hate Speech Talk at RHUL Amarbeer Singh: I have never experienced hate speech on the campus. An event such as this helps educate the students and provide a safe forum to express our views.
Hate Speech Talk at RHUL Hate speech does occur against Muslim students on the campus. It is a good idea for the NUS to monitor hate speech on the campus. All students think that the Prevent programme is just like the Big Brother. That is why all students voted against it.