Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Following the Foundation trail blazing initiative on this educational subject on Holocaust and Srebrenica for 15-17 year old students, the Foundation held two extensive workshop sessions, one with year 10 and another with year 11 students at London East Academy in Whitechapel. The academy is a faith school for 500 boys and is situated in East London mosque. At each session a senior Rabbi of the Foundation’s National Council of Imams and Rabbis gave a short introduction to Judaism and its common points with Islam. Then Tasif Zaman, project coordinator for the foundation gave a power point presentation on "Auschwitz and Srebrenica: Reminders of our common humanity" and provided the students a background to the Holocaust and proceeded to inform them of the Genocide in Srebrenica. Similarities between the Holocaust and the Bosnian Genocide were highlighted.

Afterwards the students participated in workshops which explored the historical and sociological similarities between the two historical events and anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Finally the students discussed how to address and confront prejudices and misinformation which led to Holocaust and the Srebrenica genocide.

In his feedback, the Form Teacher, Ustad Hassan said: “the boys enjoyed the event and learnt a lot from them. A lot of positive feedback was received from them”.

The photos show Rabbi Alexandra Wright, senior Liberal rabbi speaking to year ten, and Rabbi David Lister, senior Orthodox rabbi speaking to year 11.

Cooperation between the Foundation and London East Academy is ongoing

antiSemitismAndIslamophobia001 Rabbi speaking to year 11
antiSemitismAndIslamophobia002 Rabbi Wright speaking
antiSemitismAndIslamophobia003 Rabbi, Head Teacher, Form Teacher & Tasif
antiSemitismAndIslamophobia004 Tasif at students table
antiSemitismAndIslamophobia005 Tasif showing pictures
antiSemitismAndIslamophobia006 Tasif & Rabbi