“Murder in the name of religion” Seminar- University of York - November 2017

Following the cooperation between the Foundation and the Islamic Society at the University of York, a successful seminar was held in partnership with the Islamic Society at the University of York on the topic of “Murder in the name of Religion”.

The seminar was well attended. Two speakers, one from the Isoc and one from the International Department of the university spoke on the topic. They addressed difficult and complicated issues relating to the topic. While they both totally contemned murder in the name of religion and spoke about the lack of knowledge in one’s religion which leads to committing such a detestable act, they also explained why such an action cannot be simply opposed by a binary approach. The talks opened the discussion on thinking and contemplating on those issues and why they such acts happen and what in their opinion can be done to prevent it. The Q & A session was very helpful in clarifying some of the difficulties faced by Muslim students and the Muslim community in general.

The cooperation between the Foundation and Isoc at York is ongoing.