Students seminar: University of York - November 2015

British Values: What they are & What they mean to me

As part of the Foundation’s projects for the National Interfaith Week 2015, the Foundation held a successful student-led seminar at the University of York. The seminar on “British Values: What they are and what do they mean to me?” was organized in partnership with the Islamic Society and in association with Jewish and Christian Societies on Tuesday 10th of November.

Over 50 students attended the seminar. The speakers and participants focused on the question of individual and national identity as well as the intrinsic meaning of British values. They found the concept of British values confused and confusing. They suggested that they see British values and Islamic values to be very similar and yet often Islamic values are seen as backward. Some suggested that learning the language, culture and literature of the country are positive ways of instilling a sense of national identity. The greatest majority felt that allowing the students to express their opinion about such topics rather than restricting the freedom of expression is a much more positive way forward.

It was agreed unanimously that the cooperation between the Foundation and the Islamic Society will be continued by organizing future seminars.

ISoc Speaker
JSoc Speaker