Launch of Srebrenica Memorial Week Theme 2018 at the House of Lords - February 2018

The Foundation has been cooperating with Remembering Srebrenica charity since 2005. Every year, in association with Remembering Srebrenica, we take a group of senior imams and rabbis from our National Council of Imams and Rabbis to Srebrenica to bring the Srebrenica genocide to the attention of the Jewish and Muslim communities. The aim is also to for the group to jointly learn about the similarities of the mind-set and methodology which lie behind the Holocaust and Srebrenica. We learn how we can jointly educate our youngsters and the society in general about the evils of religious hatred and dehumanising “the other”.

On the 23rd anniversary of the genocide at Srebrenica, the theme for this year’s Srebrenica’s Memorial Week “Acts of Courage” was launched at the House of Lords. Mehri Niknam represented the Foundation.

As part of cooperation between the Foundation and Remembering Srebrenica, Resad Trbonja, a survivor of Srebrenica genocide, spoke at Alyth Gardens Reform Synagogue on Saturday 10th February during Shabbat Service.

He spoke about how much the Jewish people who suffered from the Holocaust share emotionally with the Muslims of Bosnia. How Muslim men and boys were separated from the women in order to be shot and dumped in mass graves. How the women were raped with immunity. Worst of all, how those who perpetrated these barbaric acts refuse to acknowledge what they did. He said, what we want is justice in recognition of what was done to us just because we were Muslims. (Photography at synagogue during Shabbat is forbidden).

Cooperation between the Foundation and Remembering Srebrenica is ongoing and we shall take the next group of Imams and Rabbis to Srebrenica in June 2018.

Rt Hon Ian Balckfor MP; Mehri Niknam MBE, Rt Hon the Lord Wallace of Tankerness QC; Richard Burden MP,
Vice Chair of APPG on Srebrenica Commemoration; Dr Waqar Azmi OBE, Chairman, Remembering Srebrenica
MN and Resad at the House of Lords event