Srebrenica Memorial Day- July 2016

On Monday 11th of July, the official commemoration of Remembering Srebrenica was held at Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the invitation of Her Majesty’s Government. The Rt Hon Phillip Hammond, the then Foreign Secretary; currently Home Secretary, the President of Bosnia, and over three hundred leaders and representatives of the Muslim community attended the event.

A Jewish prayer written by Mehri Niknam MBE, Executive Director of Joseph Interfaith Foundation was chosen as the official prayer for that event. She read the prayer. The prayer has been officially acknowledged by the Srebrenica Memorial.

The prayer was also read in 16 Orthodox, Reform, Liberal and Masorti synagogues to mark the occasion. Mehri Niknam also read the prayer at Liberal Jewish synagogue and Al-Khoei Foundation in London

The foundation has been cooperating with Remembering Srebrenica since 2014. In May 2016, we in association with Remembering Srebrenica took the first ever senior group of Imams and Rabbis to Srebrenica.
Joseph Interfaith Foundation - Imams and Rabbis jointly visit Srebrenica

The cooperation between the foundation and Srebrenica Commission is ongoing.

Mehri Niknam and Rabbis at LJS
Mehri Niknam with survivors of Srebrenica at the Al Khoei Foundation
The audience for the commemoration including Philip Hammond and the President of Bosnia
Mehri Niknam speaking at the commemoration of Remembering Srebrenica