Similarities between Islam and Judasim

A mixed group of over thirty students benefited from Mehri Niknam's presentation on the above subject. The 45 minute talk, followed by an enriching discussion of equal length, was part of the Royal Holloway Students' Union's "One World Week" and co-hosted by the Islamic Society. This week is a national incentive and a chance for people from diverse backgrounds to come together and grow in mutual understanding, thus fostering relations for the future. It was therefore a fitting subject and well-received at the university. One student remarked "With Islam and Judaism having much in common, it is a wonder that there is a lot of conflict when a little bit of understanding could bring about more appreciation for the other." And this is the essence of the aim of the foundation. That people of faith have more in common than they have to divide them, and so speaking to one-another will lead to fostering those good relations.

Similarities02 Mehri Niknam spoke about similarities between Islam and Judaism in the concepts of The Unity of God, God's attributes, and Prayer