Seminar at Sheffield University- March 2017

Continuing its series of Annual University Seminars, the Foundation held a successful seminar at Sheffield University. The opening remarks were given by Imam Muhammad Ismail, Senior imam of Birmingham central mosque and the Muslim Chaplin at Sheffield University, who is also a member of the foundation’s National Council of Imams & Rabbis. He highlighted the importance of interfaith cooperation among the students in order to stand up to bigotry and prejudice.

During a deep and diverse discussion at Q & A session, topics such as individual perception of hate crime and the most productive ways -both personally and communally- of combating it were discussed and debated. Some British born Muslim students and those who had converted to Islam discussed how their perceptions of the pressures on Muslims may vary. All agreed that the seminar had provided an opportunity for them to expand their perception of hate crime and how to combat it.

The Foundation’s cooperation with the students at university is ongoing.