“Revelation: Muslim and Jewish Perspectives”- April 2018

The Foundation held a series of five very successful roundtable discussions during the month of Ramadan on this topic at East London mosque, London; Central mosque, London; Al-Khoei mosque, London; Jami Mosque, Birmingham and Makkah mosque, Leeds. The speakers were all senior imams and rabbis who are members of the foundation’s National Council of Imams & Rabbis.

London Central mosque Rabbi Alexandra Wright; Sheikh Khalifa; Rabbi Yisroel Fine; Dr Ahmed Dubayan
East London mosque Rabbi David Lister; Sheikh Abdul Qayum and other imams
Rabbi Lister giving a box of dates to Sheikh Abdul Qayum as a Ramadan present
Al-Khoei mosque, London Ayatullah Milani and Rabbi Mark Goldsmith
Makkah mosque, Leeds Rabbi Jason Kleiman and Imam Mohammad Asim MBE
Jami mosque, Birmingham Rabbi Dr Margaret Jacobi, Imam Dr Azad and other imams