“Imams & Rabbis joint visit to Srebrenica-Day One”- June 2018

Joseph Interfaith Foundation in association with Remembering Srebrenica took a group of imams and rabbis to Srebrenica. This is an annual project of the Foundation in association with Remembering Srebrenica.

The project has two major aims:

  1. To bring the genocide of the Muslims in Bosnia by the Serbs army to the knowledge of the public
  2. To make the participants become aware of certain similarities of the mind-set between the perpetrators of the Holocaust and Srebrenica. Religious hatred and dehumanisation of a group are the common theme of that mind-set.

The group spend the first day visiting Sarajevo, and, discussing socio-historic background of the conflict.

Group in front of their hotel.
Coffee and discussion.
Group in Sarajevo 001.
Group in Sarajevo 002.
Group in Sarajevo 003.