Students seminar: Royal Holloway University - October 2015

British Values: What they are & What they mean to me

The Foundation is association with the Islamic Society and Chaplaincy of RHUL held a student-led seminar on Monday 19th October 2015 at the university. The topic of the seminar was British Values: What they are and what do they mean to me?

Over 30 students attended the seminar. Four speakers spoke about the topic from their personal perspectives. They challenged whether some aspects of so called British values such as equality before the law or freedom of thought and Democracy were British Values or part of Human Rights? They gave personal examples of when they themselves had been at the receiving end of colour prejudice or religious prejudice. They all agreed that as British citizens they wish to continue being involved and contributing members of the British society, promoting greater community cohesion with democratic values. The talks were followed by Q & A.

All participants as well as the Islamic Society and the Chaplaincy asked for the cooperation between JIF and the university to continue.