One London, One Community – June 2017

On Monday 5th June, in response to the barbaric attacks at London Bridge, East London Mosque held an interfaith event under the banner of “one London, one community”. Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders condemned the attack and called for unity.

The event was reported in the Guardian newspaper and many other media outlets.

Guardian Link : Imams refuse funeral prayers to indefensible London Bridge attackers.

Muhammad Habibur-Rahman, the mosque’s chairman, described the perpetrators as “evil terrorists” who espoused a “twisted narrative and perversion of the religion of Islam”. The mosque had stopped extremists at the door, he said, but they “continue to harass our worshippers” and “their hatred of mainstream Muslims rivals that of the extreme right”.

Mehri Niknam, Executive Director of Joseph Interfaith Foundation, that cooperates with the mosque on Jewish-Muslim interfaith and whose National Council of Imams and Rabbis includes the senior imams of East London mosque, welcomed the statements and the important interfaith work of the mosque. But she added: “To condemn is only half way. We must also actively confront loudly and clearly.”

Rabbi Daniel Smith and Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg who are both members of the Council of Imams and Rabbis also spoke. They supported the coming together of all faiths in unity and condemned acts of terrorism throughout the world emphasizing the dignity and the right of people to live their lives without fear and terror.