Annual university seminar at London School of Economics; November 2015

The Foundation held a third very successful student-led seminar as part of its Interfaith Week project. More than sixty students attended the seminar at London School of Economics. The seminar on “British Values: What they are and what do they mean to me?” was organised in partnership with the Islamic Society and in association with the Jewish Society.

The speakers examined the components of British identity. They argued that we have a distinct culture and history to which everyone relates to a greater or lesser extent. Religious minorities have an important contribution to make to the democratic society should they choose to exercise it. They questioned whether these are distinctly British values? They felt that individual liberty is becoming extremely difficult to sustain. They also felt that rather than marginalizing a religious minority, it would be better to open a dialogue with them.

The foundation has been co-operating with the Islamic and Jewish societies at LSE for the last five years and it was decided by the majority vote that these seminars are very helpful to the students and the foundation should continue to hold them. Co-operation between the foundation and LSE is ongoing.

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