Extending a Hand of Friendship-Jewish community-June 2016

The Foundation initiated a ground-breaking project in 2015 called “Extending a hand of friendship”. In that project, Imams and members of the Muslim community were invited to send Happy Chanukah cards to the synagogues and the Chief Rabbi through the foundation. That initiative was supported very successfully by the Muslim community and greatly appreciated by the Jewish community.

In June, we invited the Jewish community to reciprocate by extending their hand of friendship towards the Muslim community by sending Eid Mubarak cards to the Muslim community. We were delighted by the response. We sent 120 cards to the major mosques and Muslim organisations in London, Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Birmingham and Bradford as well as smaller communities that cooperate with the Foundation.

The cards were much appreciated by the imams who brought them to the attention of their congregations.

The aim of the initiative is to create further social interaction between the Jewish and Muslim communities and extend good relations between the two communities nationally.

The foundation will continue and expand the project.

The project was reported in the Jewish media

One of the cards sent out to the Muslim community