“End of Life Issues: Muslim and Jewish Perspectives” - October 2018


Qari Muhammad Asim MBE; Imam of Makkah Mosque, Leeds
Rabbi Jason Kleiman; Beth Hamidrash Hagadol synagogue, Leeds

A successful seminar was held at Makkah mosque on 28th of October with Muslim and Jewish members of both congregations attending.

Among the subjects discussed was the sanctity of life which must be preserved at all costs. The participants heard how this religious dictum is shared equally by both religions.

The speakers also discussed what are the exceptional conditions and circumstances when the religious law permits certain highly measured and sophisticated adjustments to the above commandment?

It was most interesting that once again the principles shared by both Judaism and Islam were almost similar. The participants found the discussions very interesting and enlightening.

The interfaith cooperation between the mosque and the synagogue as well as the Foundation is ongoing.