Terrorist Attack Outside Finsbury Park Mosque - London. Statement by Joseph Interfaith Foundation - National Council of Imams and Rabbis - 19 June 2017

The Joseph Interfaith Foundation, and its National Council of Imams and Rabbis had the following to say in their statement regarding the terrorist attack outside Finsbury Park mosque.

We are heartbroken and dismayed at this terrorist attack at Muslim worshippers as they were leaving Finsbury mosque last night. It is the fourth time in as many months that terrorists, who have neither religion nor ethics of humanity have murdered and injured innocent people in our country purely because of their hatred and prejudice.

Yet we are determined not to let the venom of terrorism poison our honourable friendship and cooperation with people of faith and none. We stand together in solidarity in the name of our Creator and the highest ethics of universal humanity. We will not be torn apart because we are all members of one Creation. Together in solidarity we SHALL defeat terrorism.

May God rest the soul of the dead in heaven, heal the injured and grant comfort and forbearance to their family and friends.