Auschwitz and Srebrenica: Lessons of Our Common Humanity - June 2017

Continuing our very successful project at schools, for the third successive year we were invited by London East Mosque Academy in Tower Hamlet to deliver the project for their 15-16 year old students.

Over 80 students as well as members of staff attended the seminar.

Rabbi David Lister gave an inspiring “An introduction to Judaism” speaking about some aspects of belief and religious practice in Judaism and their similarities in Islam. This followed with an enthusiastic 40 minutes Q and A by the students.

This was followed by a power-point talk and several workshops on “Auschwitz and Srebrenica: Lessons of our common humanity” given by Mehri Niknam. This project is an initiative of the foundation and is specially written for 14-16 year old students. The aim of the talk is to make the students aware of the destructive results of religious hatred towards any group or community through teaching the socio-historical and political background to the Holocaust and the Srebrenica genocide. The students are given the opportunity to discover the similarities of human suffering between the genocide of the Jewish people in the Holocaust and the genocide of the Muslims in Srebrenica. Finally, the students suggest their ways of how not allow such tragedies to happen again to any community.

The students’ speakers said “We all feel we have learned so much about similarities between our two faiths. We have learned the effects of religious hatred based on misinformation and dehumanization of the ‘other’; and how to combat it. This is an important lesson we shall take forward with us”

Cooperation between the Foundation and the school is ongoing.