At the Cross Road: politics, religion and migration

The Coexistence Initiative, a major student-led initiative at St Andrews University, held its annual conference on Saturday 16th April. The conference was attended by students and academics of the department of history.

Mehri Niknam was invited to the conference. Her paper was titled: “Jewish-Muslim Interfaith Dialogue: real potential or just lip service”. She argued that genuine interfaith interaction must be challenging, realistic and sustainable. It must involve particularly those with whom we have disagreements and no subject must be off the table.

The Foundation has been cooperating with Isoc and Jsoc societies at St Andrews University since 2015 and the cooperation is ongoing.

AtTheCrossRoadPoliticsReligionAndMigration001 Mehri Niknam speaking at the event
AtTheCrossRoadPoliticsReligionAndMigration002 Mehri Niknam speaking at the event II
AtTheCrossRoadPoliticsReligionAndMigration003 Mehri Niknam, Professor Ansair, and Joel Salmon